Lauren (Jennifer Milmore): Kate’s understudy during the Boxing day

The woman is a huge enthusiast regarding Joey away from their character due to the fact Dr. Drake Ramoray, and you can looks like sleeping with him. Joey dumps their once resting which have Kate, and even though she is initial upset (contacting your “pig”), she afterwards seems to be good with your. She gets control new role of “Adrienne” on play shortly after Kate actually leaves having Los angeles. Jennifer Milmore try married to Family blogger Gregory S. Malins facebook dating sign up.

Tommy (The fresh new Screamer)

Tommy “this new Screamer” (Ben Stiller): an intense, testosterone-fuelled bully which requires their pent-upwards anger from anyone who irritates your in the slightest method by viciously screaming in the him or her, into the an episode fittingly named “The one Towards the Screamer”. He was temporarily from inside the a love having Rachel, doing well during this era of energy to cover up their aforementioned pent-upwards outrage regarding this lady, that have Ross as being the simply experience to it after viewing your screaming during the an elder pair who have been occur to in the and you can Ross’ seating just after it basic met within movies, and he after screams during the Ross even though aforementioned nearly spilt hot java into the your. Scary and you can daunting people in this manner appear to amuses Tommy, just who appears to be in good spirits once shouting within one another Ross additionally the older few. Ross attempts to alert Rachel out-of what a great bully Tommy are, however, she cannot faith him, and when they are just making-up brand new reports away from Tommy’s outbursts from outrage in order to split up her or him upwards thus he can keeps Rachel all to themselves (and you may since Tommy had learned regarding Ross’ early in the day with Rachel and observed exactly how shameful these were up to both so you can his own bemusement, it’s likely that the guy suspected once watching it that she perform dive to that achievement if the Ross ever tried to warn her just what a beneficial bully Tommy really was). But not, their competitive true colour come in contact with Rachel once she, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler and you will Ross witness him eliminate their feeling just after Joey and you will Chandler’s dogs kids poultry urinates in the hand and you can, unable to remain their fury manageable, the guy shouts during the both it and their pet duck when its quacking irritates your further. Acknowledging so you can his or her own chagrin you to she together with others was today afraid of him, the guy trips with her before leaving that’s not witnessed once more after. Ben Stiller later hitched Christine Taylor just who starred Bonnie.

Isabella Rossellini

Isabella Rossellini (herself) had bumped away from Ross’ “freebie record”: [elizabeth 56] Ross and you can Rachel attain directories, all of 5 somebody (celebrities) one can possibly make love which have, without running into the new other people’s wrath. Ross shocks Rossellini getting Winona Ryder-once the second actually “international” eg Isabella-merely to get a hold of Rossellini by herself enter the coffee-house. Rachel encourages Ross to pursue the girl as an enthusiastic “alternate”, knowing he will get try off to possess their jobs immediately after bemusing the lady together with his quirks. She is never seen once more later on.

Tomas and you may Tim

Tomas (Robin Williams) and Tim (Billy Amazingly): a few strangers at restaurant. Appearing early in “The one for the Ultimate Attacking Winner”, it perform an otherwise pointless cameo/skit performance while you are standing on the new group’s chair at the Main Cheer. They are not stated about credit. Tomas initiate because of the inquiring this new members of the family to maneuver over to create area into pair that they create. After that Tomas complains so you’re able to Tim on how the guy believes his partner are cheat to your him with her gynaecologist. The latest family relations throw in the towel to possess their unique dialogue and you may eavesdrop. Fundamentally Tim reveals how they are resting which have Tomas’ girlfriend leading to Joey in order to rather crassly disrupt their conversation to inquire about when the Tim is the brand new gynaecologist Tomas is actually prior to referring to, just for an agitated Tim to share with your in your thoughts his own small business. Bursting to the rips as he soaks up the fact that Tim possess been sleep along with his girlfriend, Tomas begins screaming within and insulting Tim, and closes their relationship before leaving a shop when you look at the a loud rage, followed by Tim, whom provides the half a dozen shocked, bewildered members of the family your final embarrassed, apologetic look in advance of he leaves.

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