So if you want to give the man in your life a boost of confidence, tell him how great he is. If there’s one thing men love, it’s being acknowledged for their fairness, dedication, and integrity. If this guy has strong moral principles and stands by them because he’s given you his word, let him know just how much you appreciate it. This is a big one and is forgotten quite often. Make sure he knows you like his friends and family. These people are so important in his life and having the reassurance that you get along is important. Let him know how happy you are with your relationship, even if that’s a friendship.

From an early age, this is what men are conditioned to believe is the way in which to treat women. There are some people who even believe that men do not like to be complimented since they are supposed to be the “sterner” sex. However, more than 70% of men say that they wish they received more compliments from the woman in their life. Rather, it is all about making a guy feel good about himself and good about his relationship with you. There are a few simple things that a woman can tell a man that can really make his day.

It also made him go out of his way to make me feel safe. So you don’t appear needy and kill the attraction that already exists.

Instead, the compliments should be offered organically and authentically. Otherwise, that guy in your life will see straight through them. Most people assume it’s easy for men to make decisions based on alpha-male stereotypes. In truth, the process can be a struggle. Most people would have told a white lie about that situation. But you shared the unvarnished truth.

If you haven’t yet signed up to my home study programme ‘The Man Myth’, I really encourage you to check it out. The holidays will soon arrive, and wouldn’t it be great if you had someone to share them with!? If you start the programme now, you’ll be just in time! Let it be known that you don’t owe it to any man to laugh at a joke he tells that isn’t funny — but if you actually find a dude clever or witty, he’d love to hear it. “Wow” – This three-letter word can mean more than a thousand words to a guy and can be the ultimate ego-stroke after an already unforgettable time in bed. Best said in a whisper, this is the ultimate compliment that you can give a guy. A compliment is not a conversation.

You really can’t go wrong with this one. Just the fact that there’s no one else you’d rather spend your life with speaks volumes. And being able to talk to someone with an open mind, while listening to their point of view with no judgment, is pretty special. If you don’t have kids of your own, this is a great sign that he’ll be a really caring dad.

  • Like the rest of us, they’re probably a little insecure on this point and will love to hear you think otherwise.
  • This is a line you can use when your man exhibits some real masculine traits like lifting really heavy stuff.
  • They need to hear with their own ears what you think about them.
  • He will appreciate less frequent compliments much more than those given excessively.
  • Given below are some ways in which you can pay compliments to men.

This scenario happens with others besides our intimate partner. Being complimentary toward friends, relatives, coworkers, and so on nurtures our relationships and helps us create a happier, more optimistic outlook. Realizing this, Carmen pays attention to her husband’s good traits, behaviors, and appearance. When he assists their child with his homework, she tells him how she appreciates his patience and willingness to help. When he completes any chore, she thanks him, even if he didn’t do it as quickly as she hoped.

Compare the eyes of celebs

You’ve mastered the art of relaxing—I want to learn to embrace my free time like you do. You are an affirming friend and make others feel validated in a meaningful way.

#1: The Positive Reinforcement Compliment

Fine with me if you walk around barefoot most of the time. I’m glad you take such good care of your teeth. I love that every time you call, I get to see your face on my phone.

As a result, they rarely get any compliments for their good deeds or achievements. So, if you’ve been thinking about showering some pleasant words of encouragement to your partner, friend, or any other male acquaintance, reading our post can help you. We bring you some tips and ways to compliment a guy and bring a smile to his face.

People would strongly react with round eyes, laughter, and what seemed to me like a general tendency to exaggerate their feelings. “I know that it might seem old-fashioned, but men and women are different,” explains Dr. Eris Huemer, a licensed marriage and family therapist featured on Bravo’s LA Shrinks. “A man wants to know that you are focusing solely on him and that he is your priority. When you do focus on him, you will get so much in return.”

You make me feel like a special person with all your care and devotion. Guys like to hear a comment about their great skills in clothing selection and appearance improvement. Still, they will also greatly appreciate the compliment about unparalleled personal traits. Besides, men like to be complimented for their intelligence.

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